Fable and Folly becomes 32% more human with UK partnership

Fable and Folly logo and a photo of an indistinct multi-armed individual with the tagline: Now 32.9% more human.


Fable and Folly becomes 32.9% more human

Fable and Folly announces partnership with Definitely Human to secure sponsorship for all of their shows.

TORONTO, CANADA, Oct. 16, 2020 – The Fable and Folly Network is excited to announce a partnership with Definitely Human.

“I have been a longtime fan of everything Definitely Human produces,” says Fable and Folly founder Sean Howard. “Marscorp was one of the first comedy podcasts to capture my heart and bust my gut. I have been a rabid listener since their first show, The Bunker, but I am still waiting for them to cover the costs of my abdominal injuries.”

“We’re looking forward to working with Fable and Folly,” says Maxamillian John from Definitely Human. “With Sean’s background in both advertising and fiction, we’re excited for the new opportunities his network can bring us. And we’ve agreed not to ask what the ‘Folly’ in their name signifies if they promise to take it as read that we’re humons. I mean humans! Haha.”

With seven shows in their back-catalogue and many more on the horizon, Definitely Human provides a rich palette of stories and characters to deliver fun, effective adverts that augment the listener experience.

Fable and Folly is currently selling sponsorship for the conclusion of Down, Definitely Human’s sci-fi thriller set aboard a deep sea research submarine, where impossible twists and dramatic intrigue bring the crew to breaking point. Down went on hiatus during the pandemic but returns in early 2021.

“We are looking for partnerships where the producers have the talent, ability and reach to deliver promotions that are unlike anything else in the space,” explains Sean. “We’re not interested in the status quo of programmatic advertising nor are we satisfied with the standard host-read of the same bullet points across every show our audience listens to.”

Fable and Folly continues to exceed expectations for the brands they work with. And this wouldn’t be possible without the talent and commitment of the producers and shows they represent.

Definitely Human is one of the UK’s largest and best-regarded producers of fiction podcasts. Formed in 2014, they are known for their complex characters and world-class sound design in hit shows such as sci-fi sitcom MarsCorp, comedy-horror roleplaying show The Infinite Bad, and post-apocalyptic variety programme The Bunker. Their chart-topping podcasts have been featured in magazines such as Vogue and New Scientist, and online in Wired and The AV Club. For more information visit DefinitelyHuman.co.uk.

Fable and Folly was built with a simple but compelling vision: a world where audio fiction producers can make a good living telling their stories. They pursue sponsorship and growth opportunities for all of their members and partners. You can learn more about Fable and Folly and the roster of award-winning shows they represent by visiting fableandfolly.com.


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