Fable and Folly Announces 2021 Roster

Fable and Folly is excited to announce the shows we are adding to our roster for representation in 2021. 

The Land Whale Murders. The award-winning creators who brought us The Fall of the House of Sunshine are back with a hysterical comedy – A Gilded Age alternate history of murders, birders, and a missing whale. Coming, Fall of 2021. https://www.landwhalepod.com/

Visionaries Audio Drama. Visionaries is a fantasy podcast about racism and human evolution. Nearing extinction in 2185, the remaining human race opens rebellion against their slave masters, the superior visionary race. Created by Richard Seneque, Society of Voice Arts and Sciences 2020 nominee for Best Producer in an Outstanding Production.

The Critshow. A compelling live play tabletop RPG with one of the strongest fan communities in existence. Three friends find themselves the last line of defense against the things that go bump in the night in this Monster of the Week actual play podcast. Now in Season 3.

Unwell: A Midwestern Gothic Mystery. A fiction podcast about a small town in Ohio with conspiracies, family secrets, and a ghost problem. This acclaimed slow-burn horror show has been featured in The New York Times, The Verge and named one of Polygon’s best podcasts of 2019.

The Courtship of Mona Rae. In the 1870s, pioneer Mona Mae Christophe searches the American West for her mother, Clara, who she was sold away from during slavery. Mona must recall a past long forgotten in order to survive so that she can find her mother, love and create a secure way of life for herself. A new show by Yhane Smith, the creator of Harlem Queen. Coming, February 2021.

The Wanderer. A fantasy folk tale about being separated from the ones you love, to keep them safe, to bring them home. Created by the award winning T.H. Ponders, this show will be a safe haven for all of us needing to escape in a tale that gives us hope again. Coming, February 2021.

Realms of Peril & Glory. An all new actual play podcast from the visionary minds behind the critically acclaimed audio drama, The Orphans. Realms of Peril & Glory (RPG) will chronicle astonishing new adventures with beloved characters across a huge variety of game systems. RPG will launch with a roster of three game systems and an incredible expansion underway for 2022 and beyond. Blasting off, Fall of 2021.

The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program. The award-winning horror comedy that puts a queer spin on cosmic terror. In these chilling tales, not every unknown being is a monster, and humanity is as much a threat as the eldritch nightmares in the shadows. Historical fiction and high-stakes hilarity meld in an unholy amalgam of tabletop roleplaying and cinematic audio drama. Succumb to the maddening call… OF CTHULHU!

Fable and Folly was built with a simple but compelling vision: a world where audio fiction producers can make a good living telling their stories. We pursue sponsorship and growth opportunities for all of our members and partners.