Audio Fiction Pioneer Fred Greenhalgh Brings Three Acclaimed Shows to Fable and Folly

Dagaz Media selects Fable and Folly for growth and sponsorship representation.

Creator Fred Greenhalgh’s Dagaz Media is joining the rapidly growing Fable and Folly Network, which represents a number of the strongest indie podcasts in the market, including Alba Salix, Civilized, We Fix Space Junk, Moonbase Theta Out, Unwell, Harlem Queen, and Visionaries Audio Drama.

“Fred is one of the pioneers of the audio fiction industry. Radio Drama Revival was the gateway for so many of us independent creators,” says Sean Howard of Fable and Folly. “And his work on big name productions brings insight that can benefit all of the shows we represent, but it’s his original works I am most excited about.”

Greenhalgh brings with him two original series, The Dark Tome and The Cleansed, as well as the wide release of his dark faerie-tale podcast for a family audience, Of Fae and Fiends, which launches in March 2021 as a free podcast along with a companion novel.

From his beginnings as the founder of Radio Drama Revival, Fred went on to team up with fellow audio legend William Dufris to develop Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key as a location-recorded drama for Audible. This was followed by The X-Files: Cold Cases and The X-Files: Stolen Lives featuring David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and many of the original TV show cast members, and adapted from the Joe Harris graphic novels by Dirk Maggs.

Fred has worked on some of the most downloaded and awarded shows in audio. He is most proud of the following accolades:

  • Hitting the NYT Bestselling Audiobooks list 4 times for Expeditionary Force: Homefront, The X-Files: Cold Cases, The X-Files: Stolen Lives, and Locke and Key)
  • The Dark Tome brought home the Ogle Award for Best Horror Audio Drama as did his work on Intensive Care.
  • Locke and Key won an Audie for Excellence in Marketing with multiple nominations: Excellence in Production, Excellence in Design, and Best Original Work.
  • The Cleansed was a finalist in Radio Romania’s Grand Prix Nova and winner of a Silver Mark Time Award for Best Sci-Fi Audio Drama.
  • Getting Stephen King to drop the “F” bomb for a cameo appearance in LOCKE & KEY.
  • Lunch at City Diner with Kate Mulgrew (which included a discussion of the world of Fae).

“I’ve known Sean Howard for years as a friend and fellow producer, and what he’s doing with Fable and Folly is so direly needed for independents in audio drama,” says producer Fred Greenhalgh, “Indie fiction podcasts are the heart and soul of what makes the medium so interesting, and Sean’s mission to allow indie producers to earn real money for their work while maintaining their artistic vision, is the best path for keeping independent fiction podcasts thriving in an attention-saturated world.”

You can learn more about the Fable and Folly Network and its award-winning roster of shows at