Using Email to Build a Viable (Fiction) Podcast Business, Part One.

As podcasters, we are blessed with one of the most intimate forms of media — we join our fans in their private time where few others are invited.

And so one would think that as podcasters we would be masters of communicating with our listeners. But for many in the fiction podcasting space, outside of our feeds, communication is an afterthought at best.

I get it. Setting up and maintaining an email list is more work on our already overflowing to-do lists.

But when it comes time to raise money for that next season, announce a live event or ask people to participate in something important, podcasters suddenly find themselves struggling to get the word out. This is where our feed can quickly fail us.

Here are just some of the ways I use email at Fable and Folly HQ that are critical for our podcast business:

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