Fable and Folly Announces Q3 Roster

Fable and Folly is excited to announce our Q3 lineup of shows being added for representation in 2021. 

Accession. Accession is an experimental podcast that approaches the art in museums from angles you might not expect, to engage viewers in new and unique ways, and connect people with art they may not have stopped to look at before. Art comes alive, as we blur the boundary between the canvas and real life.

The Broadswords. An award-winning, non-binary and women led actual play podcast that will have you captivated and in stitches. Since their inception in 2017, the broads have been playing RPGs from an intersectional feminist perspective and focusing on inclusivity at the gaming table.

The Land Whale Murders. The award-winning creators who brought us The Fall of the House of Sunshine are back with a hysterical comedy – a Gilded Age alternate history of murders, birders, and a missing whale. Coming, Fall of 2021. 

Realms of Peril & Glory. Astonishing adventures with beloved characters across a huge variety of game systems. An all new actual play podcast from the visionary minds behind the critically acclaimed audio drama, The Orphans. And starring some of the greatest voices from the audio fiction podoshere. Blasting off, Fall of 2021.

The Denial Project. In a world of monsters, massacres, and mayhem, one department must clean up the mess and assure the hapless humans that everything is fine by denying everything. The creators of Alba Salix and Civilized bring us an improvised horror comedy about the darkest of times when the unholy and undead live and work amongst us.

The Ordinary Epic. A comedic audio drama about found families, role-playing games, dungeons, and (occasionally) dragons. The Ordinary Epic is a professionally acted, lushly sound designed, and gorgeously orchestrated tale of reluctant fantasy heroes (and the people who play them). A 2020 BBC Audio Drama Awards finalist for “Best Podcast or Online Audio Drama,” the AV Club called The Ordinary Epic “one of the cheeriest debuts of spring.”

Vega: A Sci-Fi Adventure Podcast! Deep inside the fantasy future, a state-employed bounty huntress must choose between preserving her decorated career or defying her employers by exacting personal revenge on an elusive terrorist.

The Violet Hour. Violet Hour is a Los Angeles-based premium scripted horror podcast network. Each of their horror-fiction podcast series features scripts written by seasoned screenwriters, a diverse cast of professional actors, and original scoring and sound design by Emmy Award-winning composers and audio engineers. They recently launched The Gloom featuring an all-star cast that includes Tobin Bell from the Saw franchise.

The Wanderer. The Wanderer is a predominantly single-narrator queer fairy tale audio drama that follows the journey of a man who has struck a deal with the forest—wander and he may just get his love back. With only his guitar and his wits, the Wanderer follows the mysterious and dangerous old paths in search of the route that will lead him back to Andrew. The Wanderer is a story about being separated from the ones you love to keep them safe, to bring them home.

Fable and Folly was built with a simple but compelling vision: a world where narrative audio producers can make a good living telling their stories. We pursue sponsorship and growth opportunities for all of our members and partners.