Fable and Folly Announces New Hire: Kristi Boulton as Marketing and Content Manager

Fable and Folly is excited to announce that Kristi Boulton is now leading marketing and content at the company.

Co-founder Sean Howard is beyond elated. “Kristi has already transformed multiple programs at Fable and Folly in her first two weeks. Her experience as an indie fiction producer, show runner, and voice talent give her real insight into what it means to be an indie fiction producer.”

The Fable and Folly Network was formed to pursue a future where indie producers can make a good living telling their stories. A year and a half later, the organization has grown by over 500% and generated significant revenue and growth for the producers they represent.

Kristi is excited to be joining Fable and Folly. “Joining the Fable and Folly crew has been a dream come true. I get so much joy from supporting our producers and watching their shows flourish. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a company that is making change in the industry. Sean and Eli have been working tirelessly to implement strategies to break down traditional industry barriers for indie shows and producers, and I’m proud to be part of a network that puts its people first.”

The organization is looking to scale and launch new programs that highlight the work and prowess of the indie producers who pioneered fiction podcasting. Kristi will be leading this effort and working closely with Sean and also Russ More, Director of Ad Operations.

“The days of indie creators being labeled as ‘hobbyists’ are over.” Sean is super excited about what is ahead, “There is so much we can do by working together and getting indie producers recognized as viable members of this rapidly growing entertainment industry.”

Fable and Folly was built to create growth and revenue for the most talented indie producers in the audio fiction space. We pursue sponsorship and growth opportunities for all of our members and partners.