Pro-deux-er of the Months: Adam Tinius

Welcome to our very first Pro-deux-er of the Months! The Fable and Folly network is made up of so many wonderful producers who bring their shows to life, and we’re honored to help them be able to make that happen! Every two months, we’ll be highlighting a producer (or producing pair) and their show, so you can get to know the fabulous folks that make up Fable and Folly.

Starting us off with a bang is Adam Tinius! Adam is the producer of Of Mice and Men and Monsters, an actual play podcast that takes Dungeons and Dragons elements and drops them into the beloved worlds of classic literature. Adam plays Bertram, and when not at the table, makes video essays exploring art and entertainment as Entertain the Elk.

When did you join Fable and Folly?

We joined Fable & Folly right at the very beginning of 2022.

What part of making your show gets you the most excited?

Well, playing Dungeons & Dragons with my wife and friends is obviously a plus, but when I’m editing everything together and I first hear music and sound effects in a pivotal moment, that’s really special. I’ve teared up once or twice when a moment comes together that I’m really proud of.

What is your favorite thing about audio fiction as a medium?

I love the freedom and possibilities of audio fiction. It’s all theater of the mind, so it can be enjoyed anywhere anytime, but it also practically means that you can create fantastical worlds and not have to worry as much about costumes, makeup, and affording the costs of filming. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still costs that go into productions like these, but it’s way more manageable and affordable than the alternative.

What’s a big, pipe-dream goal you have for your show?

Getting to perform our show live in front of an audience of eager fans seems like a far off dream at this point, but that would be really amazing. I hope we can get there some day.

What do you hope listeners take away from your show?

I hope listeners realize the value and meaning of stories. They can inspire, encourage, comfort, and educate us on what it means to be human. Whether it’s telling a collaborative story in Dungeons & Dragons, or appreciating classic literature and the universal themes they convey that are timeless and still beautiful today.

In your opinion, what’s the most important part of a good in-universe ad?

The most important part of an in-universe ad is originality. The audience is inundated with ads all day long, so you need to be smart and deliberate about grabbing their attention. Tying the ad to your story even tangentially will make the audience care more. It feels like more content worth listening to as opposed to a boring sponsor read that can easily be skipped over.