Our statement on the article

At Fable and Folly we stand for the independent producer. And for the amazing fans of audio fiction.

We know some of you are feeling frustrated by aspects of an article that was written by one of our independent contractors who is the Director of Marketing for Fable and Folly. We note that this article was written in their personal time and released on their personal channel and does not represent the views of management at Fable and Folly.

Independent contractors and producers represented by the Fable and Folly Network have the right to publish work on their personal channels. Representing independents means that we won’t always agree with everything the people we work with or represent create.

Management continues to review and adjust our standard of conduct policies and we recognize that additional standards may be needed for independent contractors and producers.

We wish nothing but success for the creators of audio fiction, regardless of network, and we continue to fight for a future where we can all make a living from our work.

We will continue to monitor the situation.

Sean Howard
CEO and Co-Founder of Fable and Folly