Pro-deux-er of the Months: Beth Crane and Hedley Knights

Welcome back to Pro-deux-er(s) of the Months! We’re highlighting the creators of We Fix Space Junk, Beth Crane and Hedley Knights. We Fix Space Junk is a story about debt, space repairs and friendship. The two protagonists, Kilner and Samantha, are, like most people, in over their heads in debt. In hock to Automnicon, student loan company-turned-intergalactic-megacorporation, their main aim in life is to survive long enough to reach the next job.

When did you join Fable and Folly?

Beth: We joined in the early days as founding members! Sean pitched us the idea and it sounded really interesting and wonderful — not to mention it was incredibly helpful supporting us through the pandemic.

Beth Crane

What part of making your show gets you the most excited?

Beth: One thing we really love is the audience reaction — hearing someone talk about their favourite characters or even doing fanart!
Hedley: Recording is always a real laugh, and we love the final stages of sound design and composing music to set the scene.

What is your favorite thing about audio fiction as a medium?

Beth: It’s a cliche, but the theatre of the mind element. I grew up listening to radio comedy and audio drama, so it’s a very natural medium for me to work in, and I love the fact that it’s possible to, basically, make the impossible happen.
Hedley: The freedom to do whatever we want! Stuff that on stage and on film we wouldn’t be able to.

What’s a big, pipe-dream goal you have for your show?

Hedley Knight

Beth: An animated series would be amazing. We had a couple of inquiries a few years back but they didn’t go anywhere. I’d love to see We Fix Space Junk on screen!

What do you hope listeners take away from your show?

Beth: Hope and laughter. I want them to feel like even in really dire circumstances there are ways to survive and even flourish.

In your opinion, what’s the most important part of a good in-universe ad?

Beth: Not overstaying its welcome! And making the audience laugh. When we created SponsorBot, we almost wanted him to be a vehicle to express our love for our audience — because they’re the thing that lets us make this show, this thing we really love to do! Our listeners have changed our lives and hopefully we’ll get to keep making the show for years to come.