Pro-deux-ers of the Months: Deej Sylvis, Tina Case, and Cass McPhee

Welcome back to Pro-deux-ers of the Months! This month, the producers of Moonbase Theta, Out, Deej Sylvis, Tina Case, and Cass McPhee, share what it takes to end a beloved and long-running audio drama with heart and style.

When did you join Fable and Folly?

Deej Sylvis (DS): We joined Fable & Folly right at the beginning of things! Deej already knew Sean and Eli (mostly from being in close geographic proximity) and Sean was gracious enough to invite MTO as a part of the first group of shows. We were definitely the babies of the network at that point, but they helped us grow.

Cass McPhee

What part of making your show gets you the most excited?

DS: I think the part of making MTO that really got us all excited was how invested our listeners became in the story! Every reaction and comment and mention and the amazing discussions we’d have with folks in our Discord and through social media really kept us going. That, and getting to work with so many actors we love in the art form, too – our cast became pretty massive by the end because there were so many people we just wanted a chance to work with.

What is your favorite thing about audio fiction as a medium?

DS: My favourite thing about audio fiction would have to be the range of stories that are out there being told. I keep hearing new stuff from voices I’d never experienced telling their own stories in ways I didn’t expect and it’s so great to hear. I’m excited to see the field keep broadening.

Tina Case (TC): I like that it’s easier to find time to consume audio fiction than other forms of media. I can do it while doing certain other tasks, and it also – to me anyway – makes it easier to check back in for a re-listen, as well.

What’s a big, pipe-dream goal you have for your show?

Deej Sylvis

DS: Well, considering that MTO is technically over (though we’re sharing short stories on our Patreon all year) … I think the biggest pipe dream is that we keep finding new listeners and finding out that they enjoy the story. Every so often something new will come up on Tumblr, or someone will write another fan story on AO3 (not that I check obsessively …), and it’s really amazing that even after we were done it’s all still finding new ears and hearts. I hope it just keeps on doing that.

TC: Pipe dream wise, in a perfect world, I’d definitely like to see the show gain more listeners and traction, sort of independently, from people discovering it post humously, as it were?  Which feels like something silly for someone to want who worked on trying to get eyes on it while it was being made, but…

Tina Case

What do you hope listeners take away from your show?

DS: The biggest message of the show, the biggest thing we were hoping to get across, was to encourage people to support one another in resistance. There’s so much big scary stuff in the world to push back against, now and in the future – overblown capitalist greed, the oppression of marginalized peoples, copaganda, press collusion, climate change … the only way to make any sense of things and keep on going is to do it together.

In your opinion, what’s the most important part of a good in-universe ad?

DS: I think the most important part of an in-universe ad is to make sure the audience still knows it’s an ad! You can bend the boundaries of your story and character a little bit, but it’s important to make sure the audience gets the joke.