Where Fiction Producers Flourish

Our vision: A world where narrative producers can make a good living telling their stories.

Our mission: To create significant revenue and audience growth for the shows we represent.

Simple beginnings

We formed Fable and Folly in 2018, but began writing and producing shows in 2011. Our flagship podcast, the award-winning Alba Salix, Royal Physician, was first recorded in a dining room lined with blankets and pillows. Today, we are as likely to be found in our home studio as we are in a high-end audio production facility.

We launched the Fable and Folly Network in 2020 to represent some of the fastest growing narrative storytelling podcasts in the industry. We provide advertisers with more effective, narrative, and measurable sponsorship opportunities to reach previously untapped customers. Our job at Fable and Folly HQ is to secure partnership and growth opportunities for the producers in the network.

The Team

Eli Hamada McIlveen, Co-Founder

Eli Hamada McIlveen (he/him) is the creator, lead writer and director of Alba Salix, and the sound designer and composer for all of Fable and Folly’s own shows.

Eli has been recording strange noises since he first “borrowed” his dad’s cassette player as a kid. He spent five years at CKMS-FM (University of Waterloo) producing a sketch comedy series, and later, a weekly radio theatre showcase. Since then he’s been sound designer for a raft of theatre productions in Toronto, where he met many of the Alba cast.

He’s also lead sound designer (from Season 3) on HartLife’s award-winning series Unwell, former senior interviews producer for Radio Drama Revival, and has appeared in several other shows, playing a variety of humans and invertebrates.

Sean Howard, Co-Founder

Sean (he/him) is a recovering juggler, comedy improviser, and marketer. He has dabbled in theatre since an early age. He began as a line producer on Season 1 of Alba Salix where he was responsible for managing the cast, setting schedules and coordinating budgets, as well as fundraising and marketing.

Sean brings his 20+ years of growth marketing and online advertising experience to Fable and Folly. He co-directed The Axe & Crown, is a writer on Season 2 of Alba, and is the co-creator and co-star of Civilized. He’s also Artistic Director of Staircase Improv and a founding member of improv troupe Executive Indecision.

He lives in Canada with Eli, his partner of 20+ years and their two rescue dogs, Ms. Mae van de Wag and Lady Miss Bean.

Russ More, Chief Operating Officer

Russ More (he/him) is a radio imaging producer turned award-winning fiction podcast creator as the head of Dumb Dragon Productions.

He loves stories, table top games, and when he’s not tormenting his friends with yet more mazes, Russ is an award-winning producer that got his start creating entertaining sounds in broadcast radio before setting his sights on the podcast world.

Russ brings more than a dozen years of traditional advertising, promotional and marketing experience to the Fable and Folly Network. As the Director of Dumb Dragons Productions, Russ co-creates award-winning fiction podcasts like Dumbgeons & Dragons and Facing Fate, while working with many other world-class production houses like Fable and Folly, Midnight Disease and Fool & Scholar Productions..

Marcus Grant, Executive Producer, Development

Marcus joined Fable and Folly in 2021. He is responsible for creative and business development, finding new talent and working with producers to steer development, sponsorship and executive production. Outside of F&F he works as a talent manager in both the US and Canada.
Marcus Grant

Newton Schottelkotte, Director of Marketing

“Newton “Newt” Schottelkotte (they/them) is a producer, sound designer, VA, and all-around podcasting person from Nashville, TN.

In addition to working as the Senior Producer for Better Lemon Creative Audio, they produce fiction podcasts, including Where the Stars Fell, Florida Fran, and Inkwyrm, as the head of Caldera Studios, and can be found sharing their skills and love for audio storytelling throughout the audio drama community.

Newt enjoys getting outdoors, knowing way too much about the history of country music, and attempting to be funny on Twitter.

Carla Maxted, The Voice

Carla Maxted (she/her) is a voice actor and cast member on Fable and Folly’s Dumbgeons and Dragons and Facing Fate. Carla loves all things audio. She started in radio many moons ago, but has worked full time as a voice actor since 2016. 

When not talking to or listening to herself in a small soundproof room, Carla enjoys hikes with her Cardigan Corgi Radar, reading, games and being mediocre at whatever craft has taken her fancy that day.

Lady Miss Bean and Ms. Mae van de Wag

Lady Miss Bean and Ms. Mae van de Wag

The Bean (on the left) hails from the wilds of Mississippi, where Sean found her on a highway median. Mae is a former street dog and squirrel addict. By some miracle, they actually get along.


We are always open to requests to speak at conventions or other gatherings. Or if you are interested in advertising on one of our shows, please email us at the address at the bottom of the page and we will connect you with the appropriate party.

While we do our best to respond to general inquiries regarding new show pitches, please be aware that we are a small shop with four shows currently in production, and may not be able to respond to all pitches.