Advertising with the Fable and Folly Network

We welcome you to the fastest growing area of podcasting – Audio Fiction. Let us show you how you can step into a new world of possibilities and results.

At Fable and Folly, you work with a team that puts in the time to understand the needs of your brand. We come from the world of advertising and offer a state-of-the-art experience that integrates sponsorship into our programs while ensuring the best editorial and fan experience possible.

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Trusted Shows and Creative

All of our shows have a deep connection with their audience. We help our listeners relax, escape and process what is happening around them through laughter and empathy. And we are rewarded with one of the most intimate media relationships on the planet. 

Working with our partners is more than reading a bunch of bullet points. We invest in creating experiences that truly integrate and elevate your brand. The result is something memorable and rewarding for all parties. We create immersive experiences our listeners truly enjoy and you get mesaurable results and something that breaks through the clutter of most podcast advertising. 

True Third Party Measurement

We work with one of the leading hosting providers in the industry, Art19, to provide IAB v2 certified download and engagement numbers, but it doesn’t stop there. We validate our downloads with an additional third party provider, where possible. And then we offer integration into additional flight-based measurement partners to validate the desired audience behavior and conversion events, adding yet another layer of 3rd party validation.


Powerful Return on Investment

We bring over 20 years of digital agency and ad trafficking experience. This includes the ability to tie your spend to key online behavior on your website or third party platforms. Our flighting team is made up of digital strategists that come from advertising and specialize in measurement and delivering impact for our partners.

At Fable and Folly, we believe it’s not just how many downloads a specific episode is going to generate, but rather who we need to talk to, where we can reach them and how to create an experience that truly resonates. And to make sure we connect with that audience in a way that creates the desired behavior and impact for our partners.

We start by understanding your brand and your objectives. From there, we put together program options designed to resonate with the needs or jobs-to-be-done of our audience. We combine the latest ad technology with our editorial team’s expertise in building audio experiences to create something that will delight, stand out and perform.


We partner with our clients and offer far more than host-read ads inserted into an episode. Let us show you how we can work together to create a compelling program with full transparency. We work hard for our partners and our fans.

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