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Fable and Folly Announces Q3 Roster

Fable and Folly is excited to announce our Q3 lineup of shows being added for representation in 2021.  Accession. Accession is an experimental podcast that approaches the art in museums from angles you might not expect, to engage viewers in new and unique ways, and connect people with art they...

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Fable and Folly Announces 2021 Roster

Fable and Folly is excited to announce the shows we are adding to our roster for representation in 2021.  The Land Whale Murders. The award-winning creators who brought us The Fall of the House of Sunshine are back with a hysterical comedy - A Gilded Age alternate history of murders,...

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Fable and Folly is feeling Unwell but blames celery soda

Fable and Folly announces that it will be representing the acclaimed podcast Unwell: A Midwestern Gothic Mystery for advertising and growth opportunities in 2021. HAMILTON, CANADA, Dec 14 2020 – Fable and Folly is excited to announce a partnership with the acclaimed and award-winning audio fiction Unwell: A Midwestern Gothic...


Listeners matter, especially when it comes to advertising

Six months ago, a number of producers came together with us here at Fable and Folly to change the way advertising is created and sold in the audio fiction space. We were well aware of the risks that come with trying to innovate in what is soon to become a...

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Fable and Folly becomes 32% more human with UK partnership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fable and Folly becomes 32.9% more human Fable and Folly announces partnership with Definitely Human to secure sponsorship for all of their shows. TORONTO, CANADA, Oct. 16, 2020 – The Fable and Folly Network is excited to announce a partnership with Definitely Human. “I have been a...


Instructions for how to use the Supplemental Patreon Dashboard

This article is solely around how to install and begin using the supplemental dashboard. To understand what this dashboard does, please see The Missing Supplemental Dashboard article. Here's a link to get the dashboard for yourself [Google Sheet]. I am working on detailed instructions, in the meantime, this video walks...

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The Missing Patreon Dashboard

Building a community that will support our art making is about revenue, audience growth and retention. In other words, it's a business. And we believe it's time we start measuring it like one. How long do our patrons support us, on average?How does this differ from our higher pledge supporters?...