Pro-deux-er of the Months

Pro-deux-er of the Months: Ann Sloan

Welcome back to Pro-deux-er(s) of the Months! We're highlighting the creator of The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles, Ann Sloan. The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles is a fiction comedy podcast that follows the adventures of a wanna-be actress and influencer as she navigates her way through Hollywood. When did you join Fable and...


Our statement on the article

At Fable and Folly we stand for the independent producer. And for the amazing fans of audio fiction. We know some of you are feeling frustrated by aspects of an article that was written by one of our independent contractors who is the Director of Marketing for Fable and Folly....


Collab-Licious Podcast Growth

I shouldn't be allowed to name things, but collaborative episodes are the single most powerful tool in my arsenal for growing podcasts. Collaborative episodes can convert up to 20% of an audience to another show. I've spoken many times about the tools I use, but nothing compares to the power...

Press Releases

Fable and Folly Announces Q3 Roster

Fable and Folly is excited to announce our Q3 lineup of shows being added for representation in 2021.  Accession. Accession is an experimental podcast that approaches the art in museums from angles you might not expect, to engage viewers in new and unique ways, and connect people with art they...