2023 Awards and Festivals Roundup

It's the 2023 awards season for fiction podcasts, and we are so proud of all our amazing shows taking home their well-deserved laurels! We are so excited to see the continued development of the awards and festival options to celebrate fiction podcasts. Here's a roundup of all the shows on...


Our statement on the article

At Fable and Folly we stand for the independent producer. And for the amazing fans of audio fiction. We know some of you are feeling frustrated by aspects of an article that was written by one of our independent contractors who is the Director of Marketing for Fable and Folly....


Listeners matter, especially when it comes to advertising

Six months ago, a number of producers came together with us here at Fable and Folly to change the way advertising is created and sold in the audio fiction space. We were well aware of the risks that come with trying to innovate in what is soon to become a...