Tools and Templates

Google Sheet Dashboard: The Missing  Patreon Dashboard

The Podcast Marketing Canvas

Google Sheet Template: Patreon Tier Growth [Note that this is automated for you in the Dashboard above!]

For those who want to really geek out: Our Patron Velocity Chart Template

Get started with episode trajectories: Know your listener numbers

Marketing Your Show

The Craft

The Hidden Tools of Comedy: A live Twitter interview with Steve Kaplan.

Being a Better GM: My Six Dollar Overhaul!

Other Resources

See Multitude for: Starting a Show, Running a Show and Making Money.

Eleanor and Jeffrey from Hartlife NFP have shared some of the most amazing documents for how they created their workplace safety and response (link coming).
And their podcast launch checklist.


Are you an artist affected by the current crisis? Or looking to help those impacted? List of organizations trying to help in: Canada, The United States, and global programs by country.